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Little John's Restaurant

Little John's Restaurant

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About Us

Little John’s is the community's kitchen and restaurant for transforming food excess into accessible, chef-quality meals for all regardless of their means. We know there is more than enough food for everyone. The issue is distribution. We believe in approaching food insecurity with a business mindset and using an innovative approach by using efficiencies of scale and social enterprise model to turn food excess into food access. We save hundreds of thousands of pounds of food that would otherwise end up in landfills, and we transform this excess into nutritious and delicious meals. When fully operational, Little John’s Kitchens is positioned to produce and distribute 40,000 meals weekly -- which is 2 million meals annually. We do this through a unique, pay-what-you-can restaurant, partnering with local nonprofits and agencies to provide no cost and low cost meal programs, while providing meaningful paid culinary training and employment opportunities for military veterans.

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