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The Registry, Inc.


Assocation/Membership Organization

About Us

Since day one, our vision has been for Early Childhood Care and After-School Education workforce serving children birth-12 to be recognized as a profession, providing high-quality early learning and engaging in continuous professional growth.

Everyday we work to promote members' professional development opportunities and collect the data that informs public policy and advocacy efforts to support the workforce.

The Registry Inc. continues to passionately support the Early Childhood Care and Afterschool Education professionals by workforce sharing data— including information about wages— at the state and national levels. The Registry Inc. believes concrete and accurate data is the way to positively change the workforce and influence how the workforce is perceived.

Other states have noticed the work being done in Wisconsin. In 2014, the state of Minnesota contracted with The Registry Inc. to run their registry’s operations. The Registry Inc. hired additional staff to operate Achieve, the Minnesota Center for Professional Development. Three years later, the state of Michigan contracted with The Registry Inc. to relaunch their state’s registry, now known as MiRegistry.

Being the only registry in the country to run operations for three states, The Registry Inc. adopted the name Wisconsin Registry to better reflect the team solely dedicated and committed to serving and working with Wisconsin's Early Childhood Care and Afterschool Education professionals.

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