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Madison 3-Cushion Billiards Club



About Us

Have you ever played 3-cushion billiards? That's the game that looks somewhat similar to pool at first glance, but is really quite different.

The game relies on physics and geometry, with the science of colliding spheres also playing a major role in most shots. There are but three balls used, and to score a point, the player must cause their cue ball to contact the other two balls, while at the same time hitting at least three cushions before the last ball is contacted. It's challenging but endlessly fascinating.

Very popular around the world, 3-cushion billiards is more difficult to pursue in the United States, where pocket billiards took center stage with returning service men after WWII. But Madison realtor Bob Keller, a fine player for decades, has taken it upon himself to help keep the game alive and well by opening the Madison 3-Cushion Billiards Club, a four-table facility located at 1337 Greenway Cross. There members of the private club, for a reasonable annual fee, can play unlimited billiards 24/7 on excellent, professional grade equipment.

The club conducts tournaments for its members monthly, plus it hosts several open contests each year that draw the best players in the United States and beyond. Numerous national champions have competed at the M3CBC, and last October Mr. Keller brought world champion Dick Jaspers of the Netherlands to the club for a series of clinics and matches with club members.

For information about membership in the M3CBC, contact Bob Keller at 608-577-2451, or visit the club web site at


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