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About Us

We believe at its heart, architecture is about people.

Our 115-year-old firm specializes in workplace, healthcare, learning, living, science + technology, industrial and community environments and participates in relevant organizations to support knowledge and connections.

We believe design has the power to unleash true human potential. The power to inspire; and enable people to be their best.

We give purpose the space to thrive. When we design workplaces that encourage communication and collaboration, organizations prosper and grow in previously unimagined new ways. When we create schools people love to be in, instructors are inspired and students are engaged. When we create welcoming, caring environments where families enjoy visiting, patients and seniors strengthen. When we invent flexible spaces that directly support the needs of science + technology, scientists, engineers, researchers and technicians can achieve the unimaginable. When we design industrial environments that optimize flow and engage talent, manufacturers become more competitive. When we design public spaces that encourage connection, community is enhanced.

We believe great design is about more than elevating the environment.

We believe it is about elevating human potential.

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