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About Us

Gymnastics is an incredible sport!
Learning gymnastics means developing strength, skills, and coordination. It also helps develop determination and confidence, respect and communication, and how to approach new challenges. Gymnasts learn to keep trying if something doesn’t work the first time and that hard work pays off.

They develop social skills like:
• taking turns,
• cheering on classmates,
• and sympathizing when a friend is having trouble

They practice:
• following directions,
• listening to corrections,
• trusting their coach,
• and believing in their own abilities

We not only teach gymnastics skills but we also help guide our students as they learn and practice lifelong skills. At AGC, our coaches understand how valuable this is and feel honored to be a part of helping our students grow as people.

We believe coaching is an art. Being an amazing coach means so much more than telling gymnasts to point their toes. Many things separate a decent coach from one that makes a difference in a child’s life, and we pride ourselves on having an incredible team of coaches.


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Coaching at AGCWe prioritize maintaining a great work environment and good relationships with our coaches, who in turn build good connections with the gymnasts in their classes. We expect AGC coaches to work hard and care about each gymnast. We know from experience that this is possible when they feel valued, appreciated, and supported.Our commitments to the coaches we work with include: Initial more
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