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Posted: 05/20/2024

Coaching at AGC
  • We prioritize maintaining a great work environment and good relationships with our coaches, who in turn build good connections with the gymnasts in their classes. We expect AGC coaches to work hard and care about each gymnast. We know from experience that this is possible when they feel valued, appreciated, and supported.
  • Our commitments to the coaches we work with include:
    • Initial and continuing training programs,
    • Transparent pay rates, 
    • Small class sizes, 
    • Regular evaluations, 
    • A positive work environment and gym culture
Training Program & Opportunities to Grow
  • We customize the training for each coach depending on their experience and what they will need to be successful at AGC. There is typically a shadowing period that transitions progressively into leading more of the class. We want beginner and experienced coaches to be lifelong learners and continue to grow. This is why we offer continuous opportunities to learn new progressions, spotting techniques, and more advanced skills.
  • Senior coaches at AGC are available to answer questions and offer advice and feedback. Additionally, we hold workshops and staff training events as needed to help our coaches improve. Coaches will also have the opportunity to work out in the gym when it’s available so they can work on their own gymnastics skills.
Pay Transparency
  • Pay is hourly and we send out paychecks twice a month. We expect coaches to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their class, which is also paid time. Pay is $14 per hour during training.
  • After graduating the training program, base pay moves up to $16.56 per hour. Pay increases based on the number of classes a coach teaches in a week and their gymnastics skill level as evaluated by AGC. This skill level corresponds to what they are capable of demonstrating and also a deeper understanding of skill mechanics. The chart below shows our pay rates based on these two variables.
 Gymnastics Skill Level:  Junior  Intermediate  Senior  Expert
 Coach 1 class per week  $16.56  $19.67  $21.57  $22.52
 Coach 2 classes per week  $17.72  $20.82  $22.73  $23.68
 Coach 3 classes per week  $18.88  $21.98  $23.89  $24.84
 Coach 4+ classes per week  $20.04  $23.14  $25.05  $26.00

Skill level requirements:
  • Junior: Knowledge and understanding of basic positions, shapes and conditioning principles plus the ability to demonstrate the following skills:
    • Vault: hurdle and punch on board/mini trampoline, hands and knees landing
    • Bars: front support, casting, forward roll
    • Beam: basic beam warm-up movements, straight jump, pivot turn, small leap
    • Floor: cartwheel, forward roll, handstand by the wall, backward roll down wedge
  • Intermediate: In addition to the Junior level skills, coach is able to demonstrate the following skills:
    • Vault: handstand+fall flat vault onto resi OR round off over low trainer into pit
    • Bars: pull over on chest height bar
    • Beam: half turn on 1 foot, cartwheel off the beam
    • Floor: round-off, free standing handstand (no hold OK)
  • Senior: In addition to the Intermediate level skills, coach is able to demonstrate at least two out of the following:
    • Vault: any vault over trainer with springboard or mini trampoline (onto any surface)
    • Bars: kip
    • Beam: cartwheel
    • Floor: back walkover OR back handspring (on any surface) OR front handspring (on any surface)
  • Expert: In addition to two of the Senior level skills, coach is able to demonstrate any of the following:
    • Vault: any vault over the vault table (onto any surface)
    • Bars: squat-on OR kip+cast connected
    • Beam: handstand hold for 2 seconds OR cartwheel+cartwheel connected
    • Floor: any tumbling pass with a flip (on any surface)

Great gymnastics coaches do what they do because they enjoy working with kids and love coaching, and we are only interested in these kinds of people joining our team at AGC. Generally, if money is their only motivator, a coach will not be successful. We still recognize that pay is an important way for the gym to show a coach how much they are valued.

Small Class Sizes
  • We do not want our coaches to burn out! Also, everyone knows that a good coach-student ratio means better quality coaching because of the amount of attention you can give to every student. Gymnasts are able to progress more easily, which makes the coach’s experience that much more rewarding.
  • We decided to limit preschool and recreational class sizes to four and five gymnasts, respectively. We did this in an effort to provide great coaching to the gymnasts we work with and create a healthy work environment for AGC coaches. Within our first few months of operation, it was obvious we made the right choice. Students, parents, and coaches all really appreciate this!

Regular Evaluations
  • Coaches have meetings every six months to formally review their performance. Nothing presented in a review should come as a surprise, since we have frequent communication with each AGC coach. We want you to work here and strive to help you become the best coach you can be.
Positive work environment and gym culture
  • We encourage staff at every level to communicate openly, ask questions and bring up issues as soon as possible. Gossip is not tolerated. These and other important policies are laid out in our employee handbook, which clearly describes our expectations of employees as well as what our staff can expect from AGC leaders.

Please read our ABOUT page to learn more about our coaching philosophy and expectations. Do you think you would be a good fit at AGC? If you are interested in joining our wonderful team of coaches, please let us know by emailing us at We would love hear from you and set up the next steps in the application process.

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